My definition of jealousy is the feeling one gets when they fear losing something they have or want. I personally don’t feel it that often when in relationships because I try not to be possessive with my loved ones.

It seems to me that society has shamed jealousy as an indication that if you feel it that means you are insecure and people judge that as weak. It helps to normalize jealousy as an emotional response to an irrational fear. Since you cannot lose something that doesn’t belong to you anyways take comfort in knowing that when you feel jealous you can use that feeling to adjust your perception. It’s an indication that there is something or someone in your life that you value. What can you do to nurture the connection? You won’t ever lose what you are meant to have this way.

There’s nothing shameful about feeling jealous. There’s nothing shameful about being possessive but it is difficult to have loving relationships when you mistakenly think that you have the right to take ownership over another. Even children don’t belong to their parents and wives to their husbands.

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